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tv   NBC10 News at 6pm  NBC  August 26, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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on social media. we have learned new details about the shooter before he killed himself, plus, the reporter and photographer's significant others both have local ties. we continue to get new developments about the reporter and photographer in roanoke virginia police confirmed the shooter, a former co-worker is dead. we learned the shooter was fired two years ago from the television station. vester flanagan who also went by bryce williams on the air had anger issues. he shot himself inside his car more than 100 miles away after virginia state police spotted his vehicle. as for the victims, alison parker and her photographer adam ward are dead. ward captured an image of the shooter as the camera fell to the ground. that helped police identify the
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suspect. the shooting happened on live television during an interview, here's what their colleagues had to say. >> today was just like any other day, they did great work every day. put their all into what they did, i'm going to miss them. >> ward's fiancee was in the control room as the producer of that morning show, melissa ott was celebrating her final day at the station. she and adam ward both planned to move to charlotte. ott is from south jersey, an intern here at nbc10 in 2010. cydney long spoke to ott's relatives tonight and joins us live from gibbstown. sydney? >> melissa ott grew up in this home and spent her summers working at her uncle's bar just down the street, picking and packing fruit. today was to be the day she would pack up and start a plan new journey with the man she
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planned to marry. >> they were making plans for their wedding, was going to be down in virginia, home style, very upsetting, i just -- i don't know what to say. >> john held back tears as he looked at a photo of his beloved niece. >> we're hurting very bad, you don't know the complete outcome of everything, she was close. our thoughts and prayers are with her. >> melissa loved news and was proud and excited to move on to a bigger news market in charlotte, north carolina. he saw her facebook update, i'm definitely feeling the love during my last shift at wdbj 7. i will miss my 7 family. melissa was likely watching the tv monitors when she saw and heard gunshots, she didn't know then it was a former disgruntle
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ed employee who pulled the drugger. flanagan went by bryce williams on tv. >> banter's heart broken for his niece, he met adam many times. >> today was her last day working at that station. >> balloons he brought to the station for melissa to celebrate their last day at work together. a celebration replaced by unthinkable tragedy. >> he put melissa on a pedestal. very nice. it's a tragedy for the family. >> john told me that melissa's parents pulled out of the drive way the very moment they knew what was unfolding this more than, to head to roanoke, from here in gloucester county, about a six hour drive. cydney long, nbc10 news. >> reporter alison parker's boyfriend also worked at the same television station.
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she dated chris hurst who worked as an anchor, he is from our area. hurst went to con stone ga high school in better win and attended temple university for a year. hurst tweeted this photo about his girlfriend today, saying she was the most radiant woman i ever met. for some reason she loved me back. the two just celebrated her 24th birthday and had just moved in together. the third american shot on live television, vicky gardner is recovering after surgery. she was being interviewed live at the time of the shooting. stay with nbc10 and nightly news following this broadcast at k67 30 for continuing coverage of the murders of the television news crew in virginia. breaking news in delaware county. a person was hit by an amtrak train near the norwood station. the wilmington newark line has
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been temporarily suspended. now to a 10-year-old girl caught in the crossfire in philadelphia she's in the hospital tonight with a gunshot graze wound. she was playing on a west philadelphia playground when a bullet grazed her arm, the two men who are targeted are also in stable condition. the playground was full of children when more than 20 gunshots were fired. today kathleen kane got her wish, the state supreme court released hundreds of documents containing pornographic images sent and received by state employees. in one e-mail, it reads, new office motivation policy posters, the attachments include pictures of women engaged in sex acts, devotion is making your boss happy is your only job. kane's office uncovered the
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e-mail scandal. she claims the charges against her stem from her office's investigation into the e-mails. and subsequent retaliation by those involved. she was indicted on charges that she leaked information and lied about it. you corporate ask for the weather to get any better. glenn joins us now with his first alert forecast. a really pretty day. >> yes, and more to come. the temperature got up to 83 comfortable degrees today, 80 now, never got out of the 70s in some of the surrounding areas, a lot of sunshine today some clouds out to the west. we're not going to be coming in here, we have a gorgeous night, comfortable night, low humidity continuing and we have more of that coming over the next couple days, as we go through the evening temperatures dropping through the 70s, another one where it's going to go down into the 50s in some of the suburbs.
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we'll see how long this great weather lasts and erica in the seven-day in a few minutes. you're saying to me that my mother knew her father was in the garage? there's no way i would allow that to happen. >> a conversation caught on camera between a family member and the owner of a funeral home. nelson's body and two others were found yesterday in strawberry mansion. the garage was used by a nearby funeral home. deanna durante joins us live in west philadelphia with more. deanna? >> the owners of this west philadelphia funeral home tell me they're helping unite those who run the powell funeral home a day after three bodies were found in a nearby garage. the outside of the powell funeral home had a sign in the window yesterday saying it was closed for renovations. police sources want to know more about the closure and they're
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looking into the home's finances. it didn't take much for us to dig up page upon page of civil action against this funeral home that dates back to the mid 1980s. according to the department website, the funeral home owes more than $17,000 in back taxings. and the irs and the pa department of revenue have both placed leans on the property for unpaid taxes. we asked janet about the documents and the allegations that there are unpaid taxes. she refused to talk to us about them. the family is one of those inside the garage, says their loved one died at the rehabilitation facility. how his remains ended up here. >> this is news to us, we need to do further investigation into this matter to gather all the facts. we take all the allegations seriously. we will do our own investigation and be willing to cooperate with anyone investigating that. >> we have also learned the remains of a man and a woman have been cremated by a local cemetery and returned here to
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the price funeral home. the workers here tell us they're helping those who run the powell funeral home. i saw the woman who runs the funeral home earlier today, she says there's a lot of misinformation out there. as philadelphia prepares for the pope, we are getting more details from the city. today we learned reading terminal market will be open while the pontiff is in town in late september. there will be food and beverage zones on festival grounds. also, uber black cars will have the same access taxis have in the traffic box. you won't have to walk more than a mile to get to the festivities. new options for those who have trouble walking. >> uber wav. that's a wheelchair accessible vehicle. they're also puc license paratransit partners who will have the same access in the
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traffic box as taxis. >> the mayor said he can't solve every pope related problem, but promises to try. we have complete coverage of the philadelphia region prepares for the pope's visit. check out our free nbc10 news app. new at 6:00, resorts casino says a decision will come in weeks, whether the world's largest internet poker site will get a license in new jersey. poker stars tried to make a deal with resorts two years ago. they suspended poker stars after former executives had legal problems. also new at 6:00, tonight an update on the 8-year-old boy who received a double hand transplant at chop last month. today doctors cleared him to go home. he left the hospital and headed back to his maryland home. he is the youngest patient ever to receive the transplant. he lost his hands and feet to an infection. he will continue to get therapy.
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so glad to see him doing so well. next on nbc10 news at 6:00 check out this house that lights up blue. neighbors are red because of it, though. the debate is happening in one jersey shore town over these bright lights. plus, from the streets to the classroom. why local officers spent the day retraining. the road to hell is paved with good intentions. mr. president, we know you tried to make a good deal with iran. whose leaders stone women, hang homosexuals, sponsor mass terrorism, scream for the destruction of israel and death to america. so, what if you're wrong? and they can't be trusted? senator casey, don't trust iran. vote this down.
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philadelphia police are now rethinking how they react to certain crimes. the department is retraining officers based on science. nbc10's drew smith takes you inside the classroom with those officers. this is a role play exercise, to demonstrate how officers may respond differently to a woman with a gun compared to a man. >> we make presumptions about people from the second we look at them. >> fair and impartial policing explain that some officers may treat the woman differently, based on a number of self-conscious sciences. >> i'm going to pay closer attention to doing that. we don't just assume air person is something because of the way he looks.
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>> philadelphia is one of the first major cities to bring in this specialized training. >> we want to be in the forefront of the department that models how we should treat other people and ourselves as well. >> it's a shift in attitudes. now, the department recognizes everyone has biases, it's important to recognize them and not let them control what officers do. >> it's not only good for them, but us to recognize people and it feels good to treat someone like a human being that's what's important. >> the training doesn't end friday, the supervisors will take what they learned and teach the rest of the department. >> drew smith, nbc10 news. a whole lot of blue on a house at the jersey shore has a few neighbors seeing red. neighbors have complained it's bathed in blue light with spinning and flashing lights, the owner has added to the
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display over the last few years. they're attracting extra traffic from gawkers. >> they come by, they stop. >> they thank me. the lights don't go anywhere, just my house. if you look out the window, you're going to see them they're on timers they go off at 1:30. the city is unable to take action, because margate has no laws regulating this residential lighting. just a spectacular day out there, and we have more to come specifically two more, thursday and friday. a lot of you are going to consider it pretty perfect the # 0 degree weather will return. some of you would like to see that. erica is a potential threat to florida. at the very least, it's going to be a close call.
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as for baseball, great weather for the phillies for the rest of the week. the wind is only 10 miles an hour, 6 degrees cooler than it was at this time yesterday. it wasn't that uncomfortable yesterday. 66 in mount pocono, actually kind of cool for this time of the day. 81 atlantic city international. right about the same, at the beaches because it's a west wind. a lot of sunshine across the area, some clouds up to the north and west the showers near the new york border are going to stay up there, and not bother anybody. the rest of the country pretty much is dry, we get to the southeast coast there that will be a different issue coming up in about a week. there it is, out in the middle of the atlantic. erica had lots of thunderstorms this morning it looks like it weakened in the center of the
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afternoon, 45 mile an hour maximum winds in the advisory, i doubt if it's even that strong now. the wind, higher levels of the atmosphere is ripping this thing apart let's see where it's likely to go. if it survives the current unfavorable patent models are agreeing it goes into the bahamas after that, it separates into two camps, one in florida, another one curving just offshore, the hurricane center track is taking the florida one like i told you at 4, it's going to be shifting over to the right, that other a little bit further east track is still a possibility, and as you can see, it's not expected to strengthen very much, it goes into the bahamas, and then near the coast of florida, it could be even into the gulf of mexico or staying out in the ocean. remember, it's a relatively small storm, so it's not covering a large area.
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a tiny fraction of the size of sandy. that might help florida later on. clear and comfortable, 65 for a low in philadelphia. tomorrow, a lot of sunshine, low humidity, another great day, very much like today. and friday, is a lot like today and tomorrow. saturday we saw warming up, humidity creeps up a little bit. sunday it starts getting hot and humid. i've introduced the chance of afternoon thunderstorms starting on monday as the heat continues. it's move-in day for widener university. freshmen unpacked and prepared their dorm rooms for the year to come. hey, john. >> i'm john boruk from comcast sportsnet. a member of the seahawks, with strong words for sam bradford,
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that's an understatement. we'll have that when we come back. (plays throughout)
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phillies interim manager pete mccannen said today there's a good chance he will play again this season. he's been on the d. lfrmt with that wrist fracture. the phillies and mets continue their series tonight. they're not too happy about robles and his quick pitch for a second straight night. did not allow him to get in the batter's box. larry bowa led the charge, going off on just about everyone. terry collins and even second
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baseman daniel murphy. >> i don't know what that was about. i think he got mad at everybody. he was upset. >> he had one foot in the box. that's chicken [ bleep ] that's what it is. >> we'll see if there's any carryover for tonight's game. the eagles are getting set for their third preseason game which is about the closest thing you'll see to a regular season contest. you can see the game saturday night at 8:00, against the packers right here on nbc10. running back demarco murray figures to be a big part of saturday's game plan. murray did not play in the preseason opener against the colts. he had six touches in last week's game with the ravens. here's murray's thoughts on the team's approach to the packers game. >> i think we're approaching a regular game. obviously you can't go out there with this mind-set. we're focuses on playing whether it's one snap or 40 snaps. we're going to try to play hard and execute as much as we can.
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>> terrell suggs hit on sam bradford, continues to touch a nerve across the league. michael bennet was on espn radio in seattle. there's mediocre quarterbacks in the nfl that make a lot of money. you take a guy like sam bradford, he's never played really in the last three years, he's made more money than any one guy in the nfl. the quarterbacks get protected more than any other player. he can sit on his knees and he's about to cry. i mean like, everybody gets hit in their legs. >> that's michael bennet for you. eagles and packers saturday night, you see the game only here on nbc10 at 8:00. our pregame coverage will start at 7:30. complete post game coverage as well nbc10 is the official television station of the philadelphia eagles. that is sports, we'll be right back. patients recently rated their care experience at
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over 3,500 hospitals nationwide in a survey conducted for the centers for medicare and medicaid. only seven percent received five stars. including four of ours. learn more at
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a toast to tenacity in old city today. in celebration of women's equality day. a host of dignitaries join together at the visitor's center in a toast to the spirit demonstrated by women a century ago, to win voting rights. today's event honored not only that historic commitment but the progress that has already been made and the goals that remain. a new life will soon shine two and a half miles up north broad street in philadelphia. it's part of a street scapes project. the lights will line hamilton streets to glenwood avenue. 41 decktive light towers reminiscent of those that lined the street a century ago, are going up along broad street right now. each light is made of stainless steel mesh and stands 55 feet tall. the lights are programmed to be on every night from dusk till dawn. should be gorgeous. we have some beautiful weather to enjoy that.
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anything else outdoors, it's going to stay that way all the way through friday, and then start getting hotter. jacqueline london, the news continues now with nbc nightly news with lester holt. tonight, the horror on live tv. a reporter and photographer gunned down with viewers watching from home. and shock waves as the killer while on the run posts videos of the moment he pulled the trigger. tonight the young victims, the survivor, and the shooter's turbulent history. millions trying to come to grips with what they saw. also, surging back. one of the biggest gains ever on wall street as this roller coaster ride snaps in a positive direction. the confrontation. donald trump's new fight as a high-profile anchor is tossed out of his event while trying to challenge him. also tonight, hillary clinton weighs in on a possible challenge from vice president biden. and the gathering storm barreling across the caribbean, forecast to become a


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